Afarak's Speciality Alloys business produces niche Low Carbon and Ultralow Carbon Ferrochrome products and comprises a vertically integrated business consisting of the Turkish mining operation, TMS and the German processing plant, Elektrowerk Weisweiler (EWW).

TMS – Turkey

TMS was acquired in 2008 from a private company Kermas and its operations consist of open pit and underground mining, as well as ore enrichment facilities equipped with primary and secondary crushing, milling and concentration tables. The production facilities are located in Kavak, in the Eskisehir province, and in Tavas, in the Denizli province. It also holds 27 licences, of which 12 are exploitation licences.

The annual production capacity is between 100,000 – 120,000 tonnes.

In 2010 TMS constructed and commissioned a new chromite concentrate beneficiation plant at Kavak. The plant is equipped with triple deck concentration tables which will enable the tailings from the previous mining operations tailings dumps at the site to be re-processed in order to recover the fine ore particles.

TMS produces two chrome ore types: special grade chromite concentrates and lumpy chrome ore.

The lumpy chrome ore is mainly supplied directly to stainless steel manufacturers in China and India. The chrome ore is also processed into special grade and highly concentrated chromite concentrate. Following the process the material is delivered to the Group’s processing operations, EWW in Germany, for the production of Low Carbon and Ultralow Carbon Ferrochrome.

The Turkish chrome ore deposits are significantly smaller in scale than other deposits, including those in South Africa. They are particularly rich in chrome and low in impurties, such as phosphor and sulphur. This make the chrome ore deposits a good choice for EWW’s specialist processing operations.

EWW – Germany

EWW is a highly specialised smelting operation producing a range of specialist products, such as specialised Low Carbon and Ultralow Carbon Ferrochrome. The products are sold internationally by Afarak Trading to customers in the automotive, aerospace and power generation industries. Afarak Trading is the Group’s sales and marketing division.

Processing of the chromite concentrate produced by TMS in Turkey is carried out at EWW Eschweiler-Weisweiler in Germany. EWW has a long, rich heritage and the processing activities were started in 1917. Afarak acquired EWW in 2012.